Christmas Movies: Love Actually (2003)

4.5/5* |Shiv’s Show| Siobhan Divers

Dir: Richard Curtis

136 mins

Starring: Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Colin Firth, Laura Linney, Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman, Keira Knightley, Martine McCutcheon, Bill Nighy, Rowan Atkinson

A classic Christmas film with a stellar cast, Love Actually is a must-see festive film which will definitely get you in the mood for Christmas.

Exploring love through a series of interconnected stories, Love Actually displays a pure, wholesome kind of love which, in most cases, is merely intellectual and not physical – some characters fall in love with each other without even sharing a conversation!

The film’s couples include: the Prime Minister (Hugh Grant) and his catering manager Natalie (Martine McCutcheon)  who are secretly in love with each other, school-boy Sam (Thomas Brodie-Sangster) who is in love with the most popular girl in school, Joanna (Olivia Olson), Mark (Andrew Lincoln) who is in love with his best friend Peter’s (Chiwetel Ejiofor) wife Juliet (Keira Knightley), Mia (Heike Makatsch) who desires her boss and married man Harry (Alan Rickman) and colleagues Karl (Rodrigo Santoro) and Sarah (Laura Linney).

There’s also Judy (Joanna Page) and John (Martin Freeman) and Jamie (Colin Firth) and Aurelia (Lúcia Moniz).

And there’s some lovely platonic love – between Billy Mack (Bill Nighy) and his manager Joe (Gregor Fisher), two love affairs and an unlucky in love young Englishman who just wants to have sex with anyone who would be willing…

Despite whatever your first thoughts of it might be, Love Actually is an outstanding Christmas film for many reasons.

For example, Hugh Grant makes an endearing Prime Minister and his dance moves are legendary !!!

The film’s entire casting is iconic for that matter – Alan Rickman, Emma Thompson and Liam Neeson all play their parts extremely well. Though Bill Nighy steals the show as foul-mouthed, rocker with a drug addiction Bill Mack who has put forward a festive version of Love is all Around for the Christmas Number One.

One scene in particular involves some foul language, a Blue poster, a permanent marker, and a baby-faced Ant-and-Dec hosting a children’s TV show live on air – I’ll say no more.

Perhaps the most important thing about the film though is that the characters are relatable. From the beginning, viewers can sympathise with the scenarios created and the issues that the characters face.

A touching, feelgood film with catchy songs, Love Actually is worth a watch and should absolutely be included in your Christmas routine – it isn’t Christmas till you’ve put up your tree, sent out your Christmas cards and erm watched Love Actually…

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