Underrated: Let’s Be Cops (2014) Review

3.5/5* Shivs Show | Siobhan Divers |

Dir: Luke Greenfield

104 minutes

Starring: Damon Wayans, Jr., Jake Johnson, Rob Riggle, Nina Dobrev, James D’Arcy, Andy García.

An above average buddy cop movie, Let’s Be Cops provides comedic chemistry, drama and action sequences… and entertainment despite what some critics have claimed – its funny and an original take on a tiring film genre.

Jake Johnson, made famous by Fox’s New Girl, and Damon Wayans Jr. play two unhappy-with-life, underachievers.

30-something Ryan (Jake Johnson), a now unemployed, former college footballer spends his free time crashing children’s football games in the nearby park while friend Justin (Damon Wayans, Jr), struggles through his daily life as an overlooked and underappreciated video game designer.

Justin’s latest pitch is a cop-themed action game which is shot down during his presentation. His efforts aren’t completely useless though, the police uniforms he was using in his presentation are reused as his and Ryan’s outfits to what they think is a costume party but is really a masquerade ball.

Realising they gain more attention from females when they are wearing the costumes, they decide to be cops.

Going all out, Ryan buys a used police car on Ebay and uses YouTube videos to learn the lingo and the moves associated with the police.

Reluctant at first, Justin enjoys the attention of Josie (Nina Dobrev) – a waitress in the local coffee shop and quickly changes his opinion of the situation.

And it isn’t long before they’re in over their head with the mob and other police divisions – which is where it gets interesting.

Leads Johnson and Wayans Jr demonstrate genuine onscreen chemistry having worked together on New Girl and their differing personalities and styles of humour bounce off each other, providing quite a few laughs.

There’s some cringeworthy yet hilarious scenes of slapstick humour – there’s a humorous scene where the pair have to break up a sorority sister spat – as well as some more developed jokes.

Nowhere near as bad as some reviewers would have you think, Let’s Be Cops is funny and semi-original.

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