Underrated: Unbreakable (2000) Review

3.5/5* Shivs Show | Siobhan Divers

Dir: M. Night Shyamalan 

106 mins 

Starring: Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, Robin Wright Penn, Spencer Treat Clark.

A clever, well-acted mystery movie, Unbreakable is suspenseful and impressive in more ways than one.

Centering around security guard David Dunn (Bruce Willis), Unbreakable explores what makes people heroes.

David Dunn is the sole survivor of a fatal train crash and is immediately newsworthy as a result of his good fortune and incredible physical capabilities. He’s tracked down by Elijah Price (Samuel L. Jackson) who’s body is notably weak. Elijah Price sets out to convince David that he is unbreakable compared to himself who breaks like glass.

Mysterious and intriguing from the get-go, Unbreakable is original and memorable.

As two actors who usually star in action movies, it’s refreshing to see Willis and Jackson act in a mystery/drama.

Both provide outstanding performances in this tense superhero movie.

Equally as impressive is Spencer Treat Clark who plays David’s young son Joseph.

A must watch, Unbreakable is the first film in the Unbreakable film series.

Shyamalan also directed 2016 movie Split and 2019 Glass and interestingly starred in all three.

In Unbreakable, Shyamalan is credited as Stadium Drug Dealer (Jai) and and reprises his role in the later Split and Glass films.

Shyamalan’s directing style usually features major plot twists and an emotional perspective and Unbreakable is no different.

Interesting throughout with an unexpected ending, Unbreakable and the other films in the trilogy should be on your watch list if they aren’t already!

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  1. Unbreakable was my favorite film by Shyamalan and when he connected “Split” to it and announced “Glass”,I was pretty amped up to see the story advance. But to end his trilogy on such a terrible and illogical way in “Glass” has left me never wanting to see anything else by him….he has turned into George Lucas,taking a great idea and then blowing it to pieces for no reason. But Unbreakable is still amazing….


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